Art 104 – 3D Process: Limited Material

LM Classroom maquette

These images are the pieces created in Chris LaVoie’s Art 104 class in Fall of 2012.

Here is the assignment that inspired the work:

Project #4, Limited MaterialsObjectives:

  • Learn basic project planning (sizing, cut lists, efficient material usage, finishing)
  • Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of maquette making
  • Problem solve for limited materials and methods of attachment
  • Problem solve for 2D materials being transformed into 3D
  • Implement the principles of 3D design into a material object
  • Keep a record of all project planning, terminology, handouts, and demo notes pertaining to this project in your sketchbook
  • Present your project and ideas with articulation, and critique others with insight


Make complete measurements of your assigned piece of classroom furniture and record them in your sketchbook using diagrams and lists to organize your information. Translate all measurements into a 1:6 ratio, by dividing actual measurements by 6. Make a cut list including the dimensions of all the parts needed and how many of each. Duplicate the list so you end up with two full sets of parts, one of which you will use to make your furniture maquette and the other to make a sculptural maquette that implements the principles of design.

The furniture maquette should be built to resemble the actual piece of furniture as accurately as possible. Finish your maquette by texturizing and/or shading the surface, drawing handles, holes, notches, ect.

The sculptural maquette can be representational or non-representational, but should implement the principles of design in an effective way. Choose one or two principle to help inspire your design. You may add a surface treatment or leave it plain cardboard.

Principles of design:
balance, economy, dominance, harmony, movement, proportion, repetition, rhythm, space, variety
(record these principles in your sketchbook along with definitions from the textbook)

LM Neils Christensen

Neils Christensen

LM Gina Bounds

Gina Bounds

LM Franklin Wells

Franklin Wells

LM Brianna Parker

Brianna Parker

LM Adrienne Digles

Adrienne Digles

LM Abby Lenhart

Abby Lenhart

LM Nikki Zale


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